Men’s Golf Report 19/5/2020

Greg Brabrant was the winner of Thursday’s 12-hole comp with 27 points. Herb Cox and Col Paton took the next two spots with 26 points while John Watts, 17 putts, won the putting in a 3-way countback.

Friday’s medley stableford was won by Dick Hudson with 38 points. He was followed by Jason Shaw, 35, Leon Paton, 34, and Ian Jeffery, 33.

John Coote, 37 points, was the winner of Saturday’s stableford in a countback with runner-up, Mark Lane. There were 13 ball winners going down to scores of 32 points. The best of these were Tristan Irwin, 36, Ben Watling, 35, and then Joe Holahan, Howard Finlen, Jim Shadlow, Phil Fox and Andrew Kerr with 34 points.

Brian McLennan, 37 points, was the winner of Sunday’s medley stableford. Next best were Rowan Butler and Jeremy Budda Deen with 33 points.

33 players hit off in Tuesday’s medley stableford. Jim Shadlow was the standout player finishing with 38 points off a handicap of 7. Matthew Reece returned with 35 points followed by John Foulcher, Col Paton and Jason Shaw with 34 points.

The program starting Wednesday, May 20, will be a ladies stableford. The men’s 12-hole comp is on Thursday while men’s and women’s stableford’s will be played on Friday. Saturday, May 23, will be stablefords for the men and for the women while Sunday and Tuesday will be medley stableford’s. The ladies’ veterans will also play their 9-hole comp on Tuesday.

There will be a Ping Demonstration Day on Thursday the 28th May from 10am to 2pm for those interested.


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