Notice of Membership Fees applying for the 2021/2022 Financial year.
Annual renewal and first Half Yearly renewal instalment is due by 1st July, 2021
First instalment if paying monthly is due by 31st July, 2021


Membership Annual Subscription Fees (subject to approval of Application by the Club's Board)
Full Membership                   $450-00 (Plus $30.00 pa surcharge for ½ yearly or monthly instalment)
Half Yearly                             $240-00
         Plus Electric cart or     $165-00 (Total Half yearly payment $405.00)
         Plus Petrol Cart            $125-00 (Total Half yearly payment $365.00)
Monthly                                  $40-00 (not available to new Members in first year)
         Plus Electric Cart or     $27-50 (Total Monthly Payment $67.50)
         Plus Petrol Cart            $20-85 (Total monthly Payment $60-85)
Restricted Membership        $350-00 (social privileges - not eligible for Competitions)
Junior Member                      $50-00
Pensioner Member                $130-00 (social privileges - not eligible for Competitions)
Re-joining Fee                        $25-00
Cart Storage (only available to Full Members - waiting list applies)
Electric Cart                           $330-00
Petrol Cart                             $250-00
Please note: It is a condition of exercising the instalment option that full responsibility is accepted for the Total Annual Subscription Fees. Monthly payments are to be paid by Bank Direct Debit. If you elect to pay by instalment, please ensure that the amount being debited is the correct fee so that adjustments will not have to be paid during the year. Refunds are not Given for Cancelled Membership.

Playing Prices

For Social Bookings, please call the Clubhouse on 6722 1574.


Social Golf (not Financial Members of the the Club)


9 Holes                                                      $ 15-00

18 Holes                                                    $ 25-00

Junior Non Member                                $ 5-00


Cart Hire 9 Holes                                     $ 30.00

Cart Hire 18 Holes                                   $ 40-00

Members Social Golf (unlimited holes - not as part of Club Competition)


Full Member                                               $  5-00

Restricted Member                                   $  5-00

Pensioner Member                                   $  10-00

Junior Member                                           $  2-00


Social Competitions (eligibility not determined by Golf Club)


Thursday 12 Hole                                      $10-00 + $6.00 comp

RSM Sunday 12 Hole Member                $  5-00

RSM Sunday 12 Hole Restricted             $  5-00

RSM Sunday 12 Hole Pensioner             $  10-00

RSM Sunday 12 Hole Non Member       $15-00


Competition Entry Fees (Members book via OneGolf Website)


Men's Saturday & Sunday Comps          $20-00

Ladies Wed, Fri or Sat Comps                  $18-00

Inverell Veterans Tuesday Comp            $13.00 + $7.00 comp


NB. Please note that prices are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Inverell Golf Club Limited. References to 'pensioner' in this listing refers to Pensioner Membership category, and is not applicable to Non Member individuals holding any concessional evidence of receiving a pension.